MEETING REPORT - 14th International Congress of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring & Clinical Toxicology (IATDMCT)

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

26/10/2015 - IATDMCT 2015 had various abstracts regarding antifungal agents

This year at IATDMCT, six abstracts were presented on antifungal drugs (regarding drug-drug interactions, pharmacokinetics and therapeutic drug monitoring). These abstracts are listed below:

Bioavailability of voriconazole in hospitalized patients

J.W. Alffenaar et al.

An analysis among 13 hospitalized patients showed no difference in bioavailability of voriconazole between oral and intravenous administration and no difference as compared to healthy volunteers.

The effect of inflammation on voriconazole trough concentrations in children

M. ter Avest et al.

A retrospective analysis among 33 children suggests that in children > 12 years, severe inflammation (as defined by a CRP > 160 mg/L) is associated with higher voriconazole trough concentration as compared to moderate inflammation (CRP<160 mg/L).

Fluconazole exposure in patient on the ICU with invasive candidiasis: a prospective study

J. Boonstra et al.

A study among 10 ICU patients treated with fluconazole, using leftovers from routinely obtained blood samples, and using a non-compartmental approach found a significant correlation between fluconazole dose and predicted AUC.

Lastly, the group of Martín (Coruña, Spain) presented three posters on the interaction between azoles and immunosuppressants. As already known from literature, they confirmed that introduction of azoles increases the exposure to immunosuppressants, requiring 86% (everolimus voriconazole, n=16) or 76% (tacrolimus voriconazole, n=39) decrease of the dose and 80% increase after withdrawal of the azole(tacrolimus itraconazole, n=49).